Drilling experts in the South West

At MJ Patch we offer a diverse set of metal drilling services capable of producing high-quality metalwork across a range of thicknesses. Drilling is a critical part of any steel fabrication process which is why MJ Patch only uses the highest quality equipment and employs the most skilled fabrication operatives.

With engineering and construction projects becoming more complex and plentiful by the day, achieving high standards of bolting and joining has never been more important. We ensure that we are able to offer a complete drilling service across all of our clients’ metal materials.


MJ Patch Engineering offers reliable drilling services for a wide range of architectural metalwork and structural steel products. Due to our precise and stringent drilling processes, you can have full confidence our products are secure, durable and hard-wearing once installed.

If you would like to inquire about our drilling services or other products, please get in touch or call our dedicated structures team on.

What kind of drills do we use?

CNC beam Drills

These powerful automated machines allow us to rapidly drill accurate holes in many steelwork products. The programmable drill patterns allow us to make precision holes accurate to within a fraction of a millimetre.

Owing to the efficient workflows of the CNC drill, we are able to fabricate items like beams, columns, plates and flat bars at incredible speed and efficiency. Our CNC beam dilling capability allows us to drill beams up to 40” x 60ft in height.

Manual drills

For more bespoke architectural metal work, we employ a range of manual drilling process which are well suited to custom-designed products such as balconies, balustrades, staircases, canopies and pipes.

What makes A good metal drilling?

At MJ Patch Engineering we have benefited from over six decades of experience fabricating architectural metalworks and structural steelwork. What sets us apart from other fabricators is our impressive attention to detail when undertaking any drilling work. Our drilled metal process always:

Produces smoothly deburred holes
Uses industry-leading drill bits from the highest quality titanium, vanadium and cobalt
Is carried out at a steady but slow speed to reduce the chance of inaccuracy
Involves the correct amount of lubricant

Why choose MJ Patch?

We offer a complete steel solution across the South West and beyond. Our services include architectural metalwork, canopies, balconies & structural steelwork, alongside the steel fabrication process.

We provide our services across the following locations, with services outside these locations available on request:

M4 Corridor

How do I book a metal drilling service?

We offer a complete metal drilling solution across the South West, with only the most skilled fabrication operatives. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with your metal drilling needs.

How deep can you drill with a CNC drill?

Our CNC drill allows us to drill beams up to 40 ft x 60 ft in height. The depth of hole we can drill using a CNC depends on the diameter of the drill bit, with a CNC drill usually able to drill up to 10 diameters deep without issues.

What is the best way to drill a hole through metal?

If you are doing any type of steel fabrication or architectural work that require precise drilling, it is recommended to have this professionally done by a reputable company to ensure all holes are drilled correctly without damaging the metal. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more about our metal & steel drilling services.

What drill does MJ PAtch use?

We use the Ficep Excalibur 12 drill