Steel Frame Buildings

Steel Frame Buildings

MJ Patch Engineering can provide the entire steel framed building solution from end-to-end. Whatever the challenge, you will benefit from expert knowledge imparted by our dedicated project managers and designers who will taper a personalised plan according to your technical needs and desires. We can fabricate a number of different steel framed buildings for varying uses. We work across two large production areas profiling quality beams and columns using a variety of cutting and folding techniques.

We have over half a century of experience producing steel framed buildings. The many custom units we have fabricated include:

Storage Units
Agricultural Buildings
Commercial Buildings

Steel Fabrication specialists by your side from beginning to end



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What Are The Advantages Of Steel Framed Buildings?

We fabricate our steel framed buildings from high quality galvanised steel which is corrosion and weather resistant. Steel framed buildings are widely used because they can offer a range of lasting benefits like:

Strength – Steel provides an unchallenged toughness which makes it great for guaranteeing the structural integrity of any building. This makes steel framed buildings able to withhold the stress from high winds, snow and accidental fires.

Ease of installation – Steel framed buildings are very easy to install and can be erected very quickly. This is because we manufacture all columns and beams to be construction ready as soon as they are shipped ready for arrival on site. It also means that steel framed structures can be erected at speed.

Lightweight – A building made entirely from steel beams and columns is actually lighter than if you were to make the same structure from conventional building materials like wood, cement and bricks. The comparative lightness means that steel is often cheaper and easier to ship.

Made of readily available components – If for any reason you require replacement slats, columns or beams, you can be safe in the knowledge that manufacturing additional components is a simple and quick process.

Easy to extend – The relatively simple construction design of a steel framed building means that they are easy to extend or develop. This is a very useful benefit to have if for example you owned a factory and wanted to expand it to accommodate more processes.

Low maintenance – Galvanised steel is protected by a layer of zinc which is produced when the steel is put through our in-house electrochemical processes. By having a protective zinc layer to protect the steel from rust and corrosion, steel framed buildings often require very minimal maintenance which saves a significant amount of money over time.

What is the process?

MJ Patch Engineering offers a unique Steel Framed Building service all the way from site survey, design consultation, planning permission, fabrication and shipping to installation. Our dedicated steel structures team will be there every step of the way to guide you answer any questions you may have about the process.

Are you looking for quality steel framed buildings? Please tell us about your project by filling out an interest form or calling our dedicated structures team on 01275 288981.