Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting Experts in the South West

Plasma cutting is one of many cutting methods we employ at MJ Patch & CO as part of our extensive steel and metal fabrication offer. With a workforce of trained and experienced plasma cutting specialists, you can be sure that your requirements will be carried out to a high standard.

What is plasma cutting?

This method of cutting relies on a process whereby highly pressurised inert gases are blown through an electrical arc which creates a state known as plasma. The temperature of plasma is extremely hot reaching temperatures of up to 20,000°C and because the metal being cut conducts the electrical arc, the plasma is directed onto the localised area at speed producing a powerful separation force. To ensure a clean cut we also employ an additional jet of ionised gas for the purpose of clearing the cutting incision of molten metal.

What are the benefits of plasma cutting?

Deeper cut – Plasma gas can reach temperatures of up to xxx degrees Celsius. As it can also be used at pressure, plasma cutting is very effective at cutting through very thick aluminium and steels. This range makes plasma cutting ideal for manufacturing medium to large construction steel products such as pre-cambered trusses.

Cost effective –  Plasma cutting is very cost effective when you consider the output. This means that you as the consumer can directly benefit from our competitive pricing rates for structural steel fabrication and architectural metal works.

Shorter lead times – Due to the efficiency of our plasma manufacturing beds, we can guarantee impressively short lead times that are sure to work with your project timetable.

Why choose MJ Patch Engineering for plasma cutting?

At MJ Patch Engineering we have 63 years experience in steel fabrication and profiling across a multitude of projects spanning many sectors. Our continued success across these diverse areas has been down to our ability to articulate the exact requirements of our clients, and deliver effective solutions for their projects regardless of complexity.

Keeping up with our industry and constantly investing in the latest technology has also had a part to play in contributing towards our reputation. Our modern high-performance plasma cutting facilities include both underwater and above water cutting capability. The dedicated MJ Patch plasma cutting team have years of valuable experience in this very niche profession and undergo continual training to develop their skills to a high level.

If you are looking for end-to-end professional metal fabrication services with full plasma cutting capabilities, please fill out an interest form or call our dedicated engineering team on 01275 288984.

We also offer other in-house processes such as laser cutting, drilling, folding, profiling, brushed polishing and welding.