Steel Supplies

Steel Supplies

At MJ Patch we pride ourselves on being able to provide the full steel solution for our clients no matter how large or small the product, or the volume of the order. You may have alternative fabrication arrangements but are looking for quality steel material from a reputable supplier. By using our 63 years experience in the steel fabrication industry along with cutting-edge technology and quality suppliers, MJ Patch can offer a wide selection of high-quality steel supplies applicable for a number of uses.

What Kind Of Steel Supplies Do You Offer?

At MJ Patch we combine the best technological processes and materials to produce steel supplies in various volumes. We can provide steel supplies including but not limited to:

Universal Beams
Solid bars
Sheet steel
Steel tubing
Plate steel
Hollows (square, circular or any shape)
Universal columns
Box Sections

Steel Fabrication specialists by your side from beginning to end



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Your One-Stop-Shop For Steel Supplies

We seek to offer all of our clients and customers true value for money in every order of steel supplies placed with us. We will always seek to be competitive on price and offer attractive price break packages for orders over a certain size.

In addition, we can offer a range of treatments and finishes for all steel products and supplies such as polishing, powder coating, anodisation and many more.