Canopies can transform the feel of a building and create a beautifully light and inspiring spatial extension whilst also guaranteeing a weather protected area if used on the outside of a building. We can design and install complex canopy solutions for use across many sectors such as

At MJ Patch Engineering it doesn’t matter how large or small your requirement is or what sector your represent. Every single bespoke canopy project is managed by a dedicated project manager who has extensive experience of working with clients to deliver required outcomes in a timely and economically advantageous manner.

Residential housing
Public Buildings

Metal Canopy Styles at MJ Patch Engineering

We pride ourselves on being able to meet any need no matter the complexity. Although every steel canopy fabrication is ad-hoc, there are three main outdoor canopy styles we produce:

Mono pitch canopies – Built as slightly sloping shelters with parallel guttering channels, mono pitch canopies are a simple form of weather shelter often used in public exit spaces. The shelter is attached to the building and then supported in place by two steel beams which are then fixed deep in the ground.

Cantilever canopies – Much like mono pitch canopies, cantilever canopies are used as weather shelters but use a fixed cantilever arch to support the sheltering glass panels. By not using fixed ground beams to support the outer side of the shelter, cantilever canopies feel roomier, spacious and lighter.

Barrel vault canopies – This type of canopy differs from cantilever and mono pitch models as the roof shelter is curved in a semi-circle shape. This is a way of naturally channelling off rain and the high canopy roof evokes a spacious illusion to those standing underneath.

What Materials Do We Use For Our Canopies?

Regardless of whether you require mono pitch, cantilever or barrel vault, all canopies must cope with long-term exposure to the elements. Once erected, they can be hard to maintain which is why we use the finest anodised aluminium to fabricate our canopy frames. Using our own highly advanced anodisation facility, we can produce high quality anodised aluminium that is durable, resilient and low maintenance. Aside from these strengths, anodised aluminium also has the added benefit of being lightweight which is especially useful when it comes to exerting a minimum force on adjoining buildings eg. in the case of both cantilever and mono pitch canopy models.

To find out more about our bespoke canopy fabrication services, please fill out an interest form or call our dedicated structures team on 01275 288982.