Press Braking

Press Braking

Press braking is a significant part of the entire metal fabrication process and it is crucial that any press brake service is offering a combination between the highly trained operators and precise machinery capable of delivering high-quality bends. At MJ Patch Engineering we have in excess of half a century of press braking experience which has contributed greatly to the many different metal fabrications we have delivered to clients over the years. We pride ourselves on producing the most accurate metal pressings which can be used in a number of different applications.

Our press braking facility is ideal for mass producing multiple products on repeated runs.

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What Are Press Brakes?

Press brakes are machines that are used for bending sheet metal in a variety of ways and angles. Typically, a length of sheet of steel will be placed on an angled die. A downward force will then be exerted on the die and this will bend the metal to the desired angle. At MJ Patch Engineering we use both electric and hydraulic presses and the technology we use allows us to specify the right amount of pressure to achieve a certain angle.

In order to fabricate an endless possibility of shapes, MJ Patch is equipped with a wide variety of dies including

Gooseneck dies
Air bending dies
90 degree dies
Radius dies
Beading dies
Curling dies
Offset dies
U-bend dies


We can quickly manufacture a number of different products in large batches, for custom designs or standard spec.

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