Bespoke metalwork staircases are a popular fast growing product and at MJ Patch, we have the talent, technology and expertise to fabricate any style of staircase in-house. Our team at MJ Patch is experienced and skilled in the design and manufacture of both interior and exterior metal staircases and can boast an enviable ability to design both aesthetically pleasing fabrications that integrate with their surroundings and are also structurally sound. Our staircases are designed and fabricated off-site and are easily UK shippable for quick installation where ever needed.

What Kinds of Staircases Can We Fabricate?

Regardless of your requirements, MJ Patch can provide a number of staircase solutions tailored to compliment your building project. :

  • Spiral stairs – By spiralling the staircase pathway in a pole-centred helical arc, you can gain access between floors without taking up too much room.
  • Straight Stairs – These stairs run in a linear top-to-bottom direction from floor to floor and are the most common form of staircases.
  • Curved staircases – This particular form of staircase is built into the curvature of the adjoining wall and bends round as it ascends. They are not to be confused with spiral staircases which ascend based on a pole centre.
  • L shaped stairs – Also known as “quarter turn” staircases are essentially two sets of straight stairs both adjoining at a right angle onto a small landing.
  • U-Shaped Stairs – In a similar fashion to L shaped stairs, U shaped stairs comprise two sets of straight stairs both joining into the same side of a square landing. One set of stairs leads from the floor to landing, whilst the second set leads from the landing to the next floor.


What Materials Are Used In The Fabrication Process?

Depending on the desired location of your staircase or the architectural considerations of your project, we use a number of different high-quality materials such as iodised aluminium & steel.


At MJ Patch Engineering we have been fabricating bespoke steel staircases for approaching six decades. We understand that staircases have a functional and architectural duty to uphold and that the design process needs to make sure this is achieved