Metal Finishing

Metal finishing is an extremely important part of metal product fabrication as it can alter the durability, chemical and weather resistance capabilities a product. MJ Patch Engineering are often called upon to undertake diverse and complex architectural metalwork projects where raw metals such as steel need to undergo “finishing” in order to be better prepared for the environment in which they will be installed. Although steel and other engineering metals are durable and tough, their resistance ability often needs to be enhanced. Aside from making metals like steel more able to cope with the outdoors, metal finishing can make metal:

  • Stronger and harder
  • Easier to weld and join to other metal
  • More electrically conductive
  • Appear more aesthetically pleasing

We offer a range of different finishing options for our metal profiles and supplies, allowing you to attain the exact surface specification for any product.

What Finishes do we offer?

Anodised Finish – By bathing the metal product in an electrolytic solution and passing an electrical current through it, a chemical reaction occurs and forms an oxide coating on the outside of the metal. This  This is a process most commonly used on aluminium in order to enhance the metal’s corrosion resistance.

Electroplated Finish – In a similar method to anodisation, an electrical current is passed through a metal product as it is bathed in a solution containing the type of metal you would like to coat your product with. A chemical reaction will take place and strip the surface atoms from the metal product. At the same time the atoms from the metal contained in the special solution will then bond with on the surface of the metal product in question creating an outer plating.

Powder Coating Finish – This is a very popular form of colour finishing because it is a lot more durable and consistent than paint. Powder coating involves melting a special epoxy powder onto a metal product so that it achieves a consistent coating.

Buffed Finish – Using lightly abrasive belts, we will introduce special compound chemicals to  the surface of the metal product and work them into the surface. This will produce a bright fine finish.

Polished Finish – Polishing is the process of removing marks and imperfection from the metal. The technique used to achieve this is very similar to that of buffing. The added difference is that the application of abrasive compound chemicals is done slightly more aggressively.

Metal Finishing With MJ Patch

As an experienced metal fabrications company we understand the complex requirements of today’s architectural and engineering projects. We aware that the components our client’s require must be built to last and also look flawless. Whether your focus is based on cosmetic appearance or material strengthening you can be sure that MJ Patch will deliver spectacularly high quality metal finishes no matter the brief.

Our dedicated finish experts will work with you to discuss what you are trying to achieve and will recommend the best options to deliver this.