Metal Bending & Folding

What Is Metal Folding?

Metal folding is a way of quickly forging large metal products into a desired shape using powerful machinery. Metal folding is a widely used process used to fabricate a wide range of beams, joists, parallel flange channels and other structural metals. Metal folding can be performed using a variety of methods, including manual folding, brake pressing, and roll forming. Manual folding is typically done by hand using a bending tool, while brake pressing and roll forming use specialised machines to fold the metal.

Metal Folding Process

CNC Press Brakes (mental bending machine) allow us to provide out metal bending services. Known as one of the most common methods for bending steel, the material is placed on top of a V-shaped die whilst a powerful punch head forces it to fold into the die’s angle. CNC press brakes are highly accurate and precise, allowing for reliable bends and complex shapes to be produced with maximum consistency. CNC press brakes are used in a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing.

Metals That Can Be Folded


Benefits of Metal Folding

Accuracy – In terms of producing complex and intricate shapes, there are very few limits when it comes to folding. Using tight angles and calculated amounts of pressure, we can produce accurately detailed shapes that

Strength – The process of bending steels and metal results in higher strength and overall toughness. During the bending process, loose impurities within the steel are dislocated. When they re-align, they do so by snapping back in a lattice-like structure, making the composition of the metal more uniform and therefore stronger.

Efficiency – At MJ Patch Engineering we are able to fold metals up to xx in length at an impressive output speed. The capabilities of our press break machines and the number of dedicated operators mean that our accurate folding process is succinct, efficient and organised.

Why Choose Us?

Here at MJ Patch, we offer a wide range of metal folding and bending services. Our state-of-the-art folding facilities are home to some of the most versatile mental folding machine technology, allowing us to meet the requirements of any project, product or client. Our metal folding offer is just one of several different processes that form our highly-rated metalwork fabrication service.

Our professional project teams will work with you to discuss your requirements and provide advice when necessary. Based on the volume and complexity of your folding requirements, our expert CAD teams will design 3D spec drawings whilst our press fabricators will advise on technical issues such as punch heads, pressure and angles.

If you are looking for professional metal fabrication services with award-winning metal folding capabilities, please fill out an interest form or call our dedicated structures team on 01275 288982.

We also offer a range of other metal fabrication services such as drilling, brush polishing, laser and plasma cutting.