Our expert fabrication and metal structures team can produce a number of custom balcony designs and types. We bring our 67 years of metal manufacturing and fabrication experience to every project. We are experienced in the manufacturing, production and instalment of a range of custom metal balcony types and designs.

Choose from our selection of balcony types including Juliet, balustrade and cantilevered balconies. They can all be tailored to suit different tastes and property styles. All of our designs allow light to pour through and have the correct fall for water drainage. Your custom balcony is crafted in our UK metal workshop, giving you complete control over the metalwork’s finished product. Galvanization or powder coatings in different colour options with our in-house metal coating services.

No matter where you’re looking to install a steel balcony structure, it needs to have been designed, fabricated and installed to the highest standard possible. Know your balcony will remain reliable and compliant to UK standards and align with your vision when you work with MJ Patch Engineering.

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What balcony types can MJ Patch Engineering manufacture?

Cantilevered Balconies

A cantilever balcony is a balcony that is protruding from the face of a building. This sleek and minimal balcony option, has no obvious fastenings or bolts on show. Instead, the floor base holds it in the place. This removes the needs for brackets chains or bolts as it uses the laws of physics to hold itself. The weight distributed by cantilevering the balcony off the wall.

Walk-on Balconies

Walk on balconies fully protrude from a building and offer an extension of living space. Our fully trained CAD designers can work from your exact specifications to produce balcony units that look flawless while fully complying with UK building guidelines. Using our in-house metal fabrication services, we can cut and weld the perfect walk on balcony for you.

Juliet Balconies

These consist of a narrow balcony frame that barely protrudes out from just beyond a set of inwardly opening French doors. Juliet balconies are a great option for places where the installation of a large heavy structure is unfeasible. Ideal for tight spaces, a Juliet balcony fits snugly, making it a perfect choice for properties with limited outside space. It not only fits well, but also creates the illusion of more space indoors. MJ Patch Engineering has extensive experience in the fabrication and installation of Juliet balconies for many residential property clients.

Balustrade Balconies

A balustrade balcony can incorporate either toughened glass and / or metalwork. It is a remarkably durable balcony option that is resistant to breakage. An uninterrupted view allows you to fully enjoy the scenery outside your property. Our metalwork balustrades offer protection against weather. If the metal used is treated, then your balustrade won’t turn rusty or rotten. This keeps your balcony looking good for the longest time possible. Explore our recently completed balustrade project in Bath.

Balcony Installation Services in Bristol, Bath and the South West

Aside from the design, manufacture and fabrication of the balcony, installation is the next stage. At MJ Patch, our installations team make sure that the balcony unit is installed safely, in line with UK standards and meets your deadlines.

To find out more about our bespoke metal balcony fabrication services, get in touch with us online or call the workshop on 01275 288980.

We also offer a range of other architectural metal work services including shelters, canopies, cladding, bridges, verandas, facades, bandstands, railings, platforms, walkways and balustrades.