Plant Platforms

Plant Platforms

At MJ Patch we are equipped to manufacture and install a number of different plant platforms to suit any requirement from outdoor roof-based units to indoor ones. We use lightweight aluminium to manufacture our platforms as they exert a minimum amount of force on roofs when loaded with equipment and are easy to ship and install whilst also being strong and maintenance free. Due to outdoor weather conditions, we often anodise the components of an aluminium plant platform as the protective oxide coating protects against corrosion.

What Are Plant Platforms?

Plant platforms are a way of safely storing and allowing access to large equipment units at height eg. an air conditioning unit or generator. They consist of a platform on which the equipment is housed and adjoining handrail walkways for personnel access.

Why Are Plant Platforms Required?

The nature of plant platforms is truly bespoke as they must be made to suit a unique environment with a certain number of equipment units at a certain height within a certain space. There is a host of different benefits associated using a plant platform such as:

  • Space – A raised platform upon which equipment is stored can mean the ability to store other items underneath it. This means that for a set area of floor space you can store twice as much.
  • Access – Instruments and equipment units will always need maintenance so if they are considerably large in size providing a raised platform option around them for an individual to safely access and perform maintenance becomes essential.

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Where are Plant Platforms Installed?

MJ Patch have undertaken many varied plant platform projects from design to installation. These are just some of the many plant platform solutions we have delivered for our clients:

  • Heightened walkways
  • Production plant solutions
  • Industrial chemical plant walkways
  • Ventilation equipment stores

MJ Patch Engineering – Plant Platform Specialists

At MJ Patch our multidisciplinary project teams include designers, architects, surveyors and skilled production operatives. They will work with you to discuss all aspects of your requirements and any special considerations you may have. You can rest assured that our extensive cutting, bending and metal finishing facilities will quickly and accurately produce your plant platforms and walkway requirements.