How to Use Steel in Exterior & Interior Home Designs

Ever thought about using steel in your home’s design? Even though it might not be the first choice, steel frames can bring a cool and modern vibe to your home’s interior. Let’s explore some cool ways to use steel frames inside, focusing on gates, bespoke staircases, balconies, and balustrades.

Exterior Uses of Steel For Home Design


Balconies, especially cantilevered types, are not just extensions but architectural statements that add modern style to a building’s face. These cantilevered balconies (pictured below) were created for a residential build. 

What sets these balconies apart is the precise pre-assembly process in our workshop, complete with powder-coated balustrades and aluminium decking. This way of working is easy to install on-site. 

Juliete Balconies

Juliet Balconies manufactured and installed by MJ Patch's expert metal fabrication team

Perfect for homes with a simple style, like flats or modern houses, these balconies add a touch of the city to your living space. They are ideal for modern properties. 

In a recent Juliete Balcony project by M J Patch & Co. in Bristol, steel frames, cladding, and blockwork. This addition completed the look of new flats. 


Balustrade Ramp System
Balustrade Ramp System

MJ Patch Engineering’s years of expertise shines through in the completion of new flats in Bristol, showcasing steel frame, cladding, and blockwork finished to perfection. This project included the supply and installation of balcony frames, structural glass balustrades, and polished stainless steel handrails. Glass balconies, cantilevered or supported, exemplify modern design, using detailed calculations and structural engineering accreditations.

If you lean towards a minimalistic home style, balustrades offer a great option to match your aesthetic. The integration of frameless glass panels creates an ultra sleek look. Homeowners get an unobstructed view. When the doors are closed, the safety balustrade appears almost invisible. Only the steel handrail stays in view. This design choice is perfect for homeowners who appreciate simplicity and a clean, contemporary look.

This project does exactly that. Designers used a combination of steel frame, cladding, and blockwork. This level of expertise means the integration of steel components improve the overall design, rather than break it up, resulting in a modern and stylish living space. Glass balconies, whether cantilevered or supported, are the epitome of modern house design. 

Bespoke Staircases

Custom Metal and Wood Staircase Extends into a Wood Floored RoomDesigned by MJ Patch Engineering team

When it comes to designing staircases, adding steel into a design can turn it into a feature. Take this bespoke staircase, for example, The use of contrasting timber adds sophistication. Especially in spiral or curved staircases. 

The combination of forged and textured steel uprights with a black matte finish creates a stunning visual. The dark matte grey balustrade, absorbs colours from the surrounding scheme. While the oak wooden handrails and railings flow along the entire staircase. This showcases how bespoke staircases, with steel at their core, can become a focal point.

Handrails are the finishing touch for a staircase. Choose from materials like stainless steel, leather-wrapped, timber, or even rope-wrapped. This attention to detail upgrades a staircase. Not only does it serve a purpose, but it becomes a standout feature.

Metal fabricators, like MJ Patch, can shape staircases using spindle designs, coated for a complimentary colour scheme. These designs can be inspired by traditional Georgian patterns or modern shapes, like the photos show.

Combine steel using creative shapes, a contrast of materials, or detailing to transform a simple staircase. Turn the stairway into a feature that can match any home style. Whether your taste leans towards modern vibes or old-school charm. Steel as a medium can be customised to different styles and eras. To create something that is not just a necessity, but a custom-made piece of art that elevates the space.